Health Technology and Human Solutions

About Us

WorkWay partners with leaders, managers and people of enterprises to build healthier and sustainable organizations.

WorkWay assists organizations to thrive through adapting and changing the way they work. We make health, mental health and work-related information and data analysis available in order for organizations to create policies and processes to fit the needs of their members in order for them to continue working in a healthy and engaged way.

HDQ Office Tokyo, Shibuya

Enterprise EAP


  • Bilingual Licensed Professionals
    (CEAP, CP, LCSW, RN, etc)
  • 250 Provider Network, Japan Nation Wide
  • Account Management


  • 24/7 EAP Contact Center
  • Toll Free Number
  • First Contact by Bilingual Seasoned Consultants
  • Reporting

Counseling and Consultation:

  • Telephonic
  • Face to face
  • Cyber counseling service
  • Management Consultation
  • Legal Information
  • Financial Management information
  • Resilience Coaching

Our Value

WorkWay believes that we can craft healthy and unique ways of working by creating bridges between human behavior and scientific data collection and analysis through the use of technology.

Crisis Care Support


  • Fully trained and seasoned consultant specialize in this field
  • Bilingual crisis professional
    (Multi System Resilience Approach/Mental Rescue)


  • Customer site visits
    (Individual Sessions/Group Care/HR and Occupational Health Team Coordination/Lecture)

Crisis Care support Scope:

  • Employee╩╝s Suicide, Sudden death
  • Organizational Change management Support
  • Workplace Accident

Healthtech Portal Concept:

WorkWay Health Portal Concept stems from scientific data base ground design to weave the thick data for individual and enterprises

Tools ( Stress Check System/Survey and Research)

Stress Check System/survey:

  • On line Stress Check system fully compliant with local Japanese law.
  • Instantaneous Individual Results Feedback
  • Semi Taylor made Organizational Report
  • Follow up interview by medical doctors
  • HR consultation to the system induction


  • ROI on Health-Related Investment, work environment and well-being of employees, etc.

Information Security

  • Privacy Mark
  • ISO 27000